Incredible Initiative of World Heart Day 2019

World Heart day 2019

Earlier, the death rate of people dying due to heart disease was quite low. Life and lifestyle used to be quite different. Majority of general mass were more concentrated on working manually. At that time, walking was the only mode of commutation, stairs were for climbing, and no junk food was then available to disturb human metabolic activities. However, with the emergence of the technical era, life became simpler. That is when the differences in lifestyle and food habits dropped in. All these led to an increase in heart (cardiovascular) disease. To raise awareness about a healthy heart, an incredible initiative was taken on World Heart Day 2019.  

In the last few years, multiple steps were taken to increase the mortality rate caused by cardiovascular disease. Yet, it is the primary killer on Earth at present and can turn the direction to the way where we shouldn’t relax our watchfulness towards such critical issues. 

On this Heart Day 2019, World Heart Federation played a significant part by alerting people about the CVD risk and other life-affecting factors like unhealthy diet, tobacco use, lack of exercise, recreation, and genetic & socio-economic factors.

World Heart Day is a huge awareness rising program for cardiovascular disease across the globe. This year’s heart day was held by partnering with Withings, Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Manulife. Withings is a reputed health leader that is known for its medically-authorized devices. These devices are dedicated towards helping people in self-checking their overall health with valued insights. 

Consequently, people will remain updated about their well-being from time to time. World Heart Day 2019 took the pledge of motivating maximum mass towards taking control of unhealthy factors and prevent possible stroke or other heart diseases.  

Things to do for a better heart: 

  • Getting more alert towards one’s health is the first step for eliminating the chances of cardiovascular disease. 
  • Studies reveal that a quick walk of 15 minutes daily is sufficient to reduce the risk of heart disease by at least 50%, especially among the senior citizens. 
  • Health experts suggest using a walking app or pedometer device to set a regular target and complete the same. Brisk walking is a good way of rejuvenating once physical activity by at least 30% approx. 

Of the several heart risks, obesity is another risk factor World Heart Day 2019 theme was concerned with. The reason is obesity that directly affects your heart with increased blood pressure. Also, studies say that less sleep can raise hypertension by one-third. So, in addition to a regular blood pressure check-up, counseling, and health education, follow your medication schedule (if you have high/low blood pressure).

CVD is currently the leading cause of increased death rate worldwide. So, it is needless to say how much attention it has grabbed from people to focus on their heart health. The decreased mortality rate has turned people towards improving health habits to overcome major health risks in the long run. CEO of Withings, Mathieu Letombe also commented on the same on World Heart Day 2019 global program. 

Withings was quite excited about their partnership with the World Heart Federation for 2019. The only motive behind this conjunction was to educate and guide people about some simple yet healthy habits to follow every day. For instance, scheduling more tasks on a daily basis, regularly checking blood pressure sitting at home, to make durable changes in daily lifestyle.  

However, World Heart Day has also contributed to warning people about other heart health inequity: 

  • According to World Health Organization (WHO), most 25% of heart disease and deaths are caused by air pollution. So, people residing in towns and cities are at greater health risk.
  • Although a healthy diet is a must necessity for every individual, places like offices, schools, homes, and hospitals continue to offer oily and fast food. Subsequently, people are depriving themselves of healthy food habits.
  • Countries where smoke banning process is still not in place; people are left with limited choices to work and socialize in such areas, where secondhand smoke emission is quite a health risk. 
  • Unavailability of clean, outdoor spaces or roads can also suppress an individual’s ability to be healthy and active, thereby raising CVD risk.
  • Sometimes hereditary background and specific geographical regions may also expose a certain group of people to increased heart risk. 

World Heart Day 2019 theme was planned to combat the increasing cardiovascular disease and other heart health risks. This year’s campaign was about organizing a global connection of Heart Heroes. This was to motivate each other and look after the heart health by making the following promises:

  • The promise of making healthy food habits at home, do daily exercise, and avoid tobacco consumption.
  • The promise of healthcare professionals to be dedicated towards helping individuals against CVD factors.
  • The promise of policymakers to execute NCD action.

On 29th September, World Heart Day 2019, people from across the world came forth to fight against increasing CVD by sharing their self-made campaign posters online. The campaign included videos, awareness events, organized fundraising campaigns for local heart foundation.

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