Unique ways to celebrate Raksha Bandhan amidst the pandemic

celebrate raksha bandhan

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we see the world. Across the globe, people have been forced to stay within their homes and live an indoor life. However, this should not be a reason to keep yourself away from festivals and not celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year. The festival of Raksha Bandhan signifies the sacred bond that siblings share and no amount of social distancing can take that away from any of us.

In this article, we shall discuss some tips to celebrate Raakhi Purnima 2020 amidst the current situation.

1.    Prepare a Lunch

This is the best way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan if your brother is living in the same house as you. While under normal circumstances you would get the most delicious sweets from his favorite eateries, but in these challenging times, it is better to stay home and be safe. You do not necessarily have a great chef or cook a 5-course meal. A simple home-cooked meal (with guidance from your mother or YouTube) should suffice. It is the thought that counts.

2.    Gift an Indoor Plant

Raksha Bandhan Gifts
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If you are looking for ideas on Raksha Bandhan gifts, an indoor plant is something you would want to consider. Normally, an indoor plant might not last very long under your brother’s supervision. However, with the lockdown in place, chances are that he is spending all his time indoors. Gifting him a plant will enable him to give good attention to it. As the plant grows, he will be reminded of you every time he looks at it.

3.    Subscriptions to OTT Platforms

Raakhi Purnima 2020
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Being deprived of his usual gym, cricket field, or weekend hangouts, chances are that your brother is feeling lonely. An effective way of helping him tackle this would be by gifting him an OTT subscription this Raksha Bandhan. That way, your brother will never run out of entertainment options. What is better is the fact that you can gift him this irrespective of whether you share a room with him, or he lives on the other side of the globe.

4.    Do something you love – together

No matter how many differences you had in your growing up years, there are certain things that you and your brother have in common. Identify such activities and plan out your day. This may be anything from gardening to binge-watching on Netflix. Even if your brother is not in the same house as you, go ahead and plan to do the same things at the same time on this special day. You can be in constant audio calls and gossip with each other as you cook the same dish or watch the same episode. The very essence of Raksha Bandhan is to celebrate the beautiful bond between a brother and a sister and this act will go a long way in fostering the same.

5.    Video Rakhi

This is one of the best ways of conveying your Raksha Bandhan wishes if your brother does not live in the same house as you. Plan it out a few days in advance so that you can have a Rakhi delivered to his place. You may either choose an e-commerce service provider for the delivery or choose to have a hand-made rakhi sent via courier. In most parts of the country, courier services are now operational. On the day of Raksha Bandhan, schedule a video call wherein you can do aarti of him and someone can tie the band for you. This is a new-age and highly efficient technique of celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

6.    Collage Video

Another interesting way of celebrating the festival while being unable to meet up would be by creating a video collage for your brother. You can include images and video clips from your childhood that shows your journey of growing up. You can take it a step further and include an audio commentary recorded in your voice. Such a video will rekindle childhood memories and cause a lump in your brother’s throat.

7.    Donate to a Greater Cause

Raksha Bandhan traditions dictate that the brother should give some money (in the form of Shagun) to his sister. This year, with the pandemic, lockdown, and floods in multiple parts of the country, thousands of people have lost their livelihood and are now homeless. In such a situation, the most beautiful way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan would be to donate this money to some NGO. If you know of any individual or family who lost their livelihood because of the pandemic, choosing to give this money to them directly would be an even better option.

Raksha Bandhan Wishes
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Thus you see that no matter where you or your brother is located, there is no force in the world that can stop you from celebrating the bond that you share. As you brace yourself to celebrate Raksha Bandhan, here’s praying that this turns out to be one of the best Raksha Bandhan’s of your lifetime.

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