When will Europe’s top football leagues return?

top football leagues

The world was forced into an unexpected lockdown by the CoViD-19 pandemic. For close to three months, there were no competitive football matches taking place across Europe. There was a possibility the current season might have been void with the French league, and Eredivisie officially ended for the season. However, it seems like project restart has kicked off across Europe, and soon you can watch matches from top football leagues while sitting at home. So, let’s have a look at how the rest of the season will end.


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Bundesliga was among the first professional footballing league across the world to resume its season. They played their first on the 16th of May and then steadily resume the rest of the league. This was a very for top football leagues as the Germans paved the way on how to organize a football match without the spread of coronavirus. They have to introduce new rules for the match, such as players have to sit apart in the dugout, training routines, five substitutions in a match. Till now, close to fifth matches have been played without any spread. This is a good sign for every football fan.

Serie A

Italy was one of the most affected countries across Europe due to this pandemic. However, the situation is under control in the country at the moment. Italy’s sports minister has confirmed that the Serie A will return on the 20th of June. The clubs were given permission to train in late may to prepare for the remainder of the season. The schedule for the initial matches has been released, and they are jam-packed as expected. This means that we could see the thrilling end to the title challenge. Whether it would be Ronaldo and co, Conte with his inter, or the underdogs – Lazio clinching the title.

La Liga

football leagues resumption date
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Spain’s PM Pedro Sanchez recently announced that the government has given the heads up to resume La Liga. After this, La Liga’s president Javier Tebas announced that La Liga is expected to resume on the 12th of June. Clubs were strictly instructed to allow less than ten players to be trained at a place. It finally seems like we could see Real Madrid and Barcelona play again. The remaining season would be quite different from previous years as neither Barcelona nor Madrid are playing well. So, there will be a lot of twists and turns in the remaining matches.

English Premier League

There were months of speculation about the EPL. It looks like the league is resuming on the 17th of June. There were many discussions held among the FA and the clubs on how to move forward, and it is safe to say the plans are ready. EPL took the most time to plan their return, and this means they have the least time to finish their decision. So, there will be a lot of mid-week matches along with FA cup knockouts. The top four places and the relegation battle would be even more intense due to the financial loss due to the pandemic.

Other football leagues resumption date

Ligue 1 and Eredivisie has officially ended with PSG winning the title in France. While the Portugal premier league has resumed behind closed doors. While remaining top football leagues around Europe have either called off or in progress to end the season.

UEFA Competition

Well, the top soccer league in Europe is incomplete without the discussion of UEFA competition. A couple of months ago, UEFA announced that Euro 2020 has officially shifted to 2021. A lot of people started to speculate whether the Europa and Champions League would face a similar consequence. However, UEFA has yet to officially announce anything. Their current stand is the competitions are being postponed for now.

A rumor suggested that the remaining round would be single knockout matches on neutral grounds after each individual season has ended so that teams don’t have to constantly fly around for the matches. As we can see, the top football league in the world has resumed, so the UEFA competition will likely resume as well.

top soccer league in europe
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After a three-month hiatus, Europe’s top football leagues are set to return in fashion. All of their matches are set to be played behind closed doors with no crowds. It would be awkward to watch these matches due to the absence of fans and the advantages of the home atmosphere. To counter this, the channels might add pre-recorded fans chants and air most games on free to air. Plus, the fixtures are jammed in, so you don’t have to wait for the weekend. Hence, get your snacks ready for a thrilling season ahead.

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