Top fine dining restaurants in India: Giving your taste-buds the treat they deserve

top fine dining restaurants in india

The world is familiar with Indians and their love for food. With millions of restaurants across the country, it is indeed a challenging task to make it to the list of top fine dining restaurants in India. The sheer competition also ensures that the list remains dynamic. To help foodies do justice to their taste buds, our team has carefully curated a list of the best fine dining places in the country.

1.  1135 AD, Jaipur

Located in the Amer Fort, this restaurant is named after a year that is a milestone in local Rajput history. Dining beneath the crystal chandeliers (or choosing to take in the view of the fort from the elegant open-air terrace), one will be introduced to Rajasthani cuisine in a regal way.

2.  Karavalli, Bengaluru

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The IT capital of the country has the maximum number of people typing “fine dining restaurants near me” every single day. Irrespective of the area of the part of the city that one resides it, they will find the name ‘Karavalli’. Traditional delicacies from the western coast of India are the specialty of the place. While in Karavalli, one must try out the seafood at the unique fresh grill counter.

3.  Sana-di-ge, Delhi

Traditional brass lamps are a part of Indian culture and are lightened up during various auspicious occasions. Named after the same, this plush restaurant in Delhi is well known for its seafood platter. Authentic delicacies of the west coast ranging from the beaches of Maharashtra and Goa to the waterways of Kerala find mention on the menu. The sheer variety of the menu and the ambiance of the place ensures that the restaurant maintains itself as one of the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi.

4.  Ginger House, Kochi

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Ginger House is not just another top fine dining restaurant in India but is also a museum restaurant in itself. The restaurant has a Heritage Arts showroom and guests are free to check out the antique collection there. The place does an excellent job of familiarizing tourists to Kerala’s woodwork while taking their taste buds for a joy ride.

5.  Thalassa, Goa

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Goans are food enthusiasts and it is impossible to compile a list of the top fine dining restaurants in India and not mention the state. Thalassa is one of the authentic Greek restaurants in the country. Grills and salads in this place attract hundreds of locals and tourists to the place every day. For people fond of experimenting with their seafood, this place is an absolute delight.

6.  Kewpie’s, Kolkata

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A list of the fine dining restaurants in Kolkata would be incomplete without mentioning Kewpie’s. With the food being served on a banana leaf, this family-run restaurant is well known for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Richly spiced, the menu delves into the different faces of the Bengali culinary identity. For those fond of the taste and aroma of mustard, this is an absolute must-visit.

7.  Malaka Spice, Pune

Thai cuisine is adored across the globe and one will find hundreds of Thai restaurants in India alone. However, very few of them can live up to the high standards of dining as set by this busy restaurant in Pune. Such is the rush in the place, that one can expect a long wait for the food to be served. However, the mouth-watering pad Thai and shrimp recipes will be worth the wait. Muton is another specialty of the place that one must not miss out on.

8.  Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, New Delhi

Famous for its European and Mediterranean cuisine, the Sunday brunch at this place is a delight. The lanterns hanging from the trees in the garden and the overall ambiance of the place makes it ideal for hangouts and dates alike. For people frustrated with the hustle and bustle of city life, this is the best place to unwind.

9.  The Raintree, Chennai

The magic of Chettinad cuisine lies in the ambiance of a homely setup as much as it does on the spices. The Raintree perfectly captures the essence of this culture and its food. From an open-air seating arrangement with lush greenery to colorful murals and flickering oil lamps indoors, the ambiance of the place will transport you to a bygone era. Located in the Taj Connemara, the restaurant makes it to the top fine dining restaurants in India year after year.

10. Hanwant Mahal, Jodhpur

One of the top destination-worthy restaurants in the country, this restaurant is located in what was a hunting palace for the royal family. The cuisine has a royal pedigree to it thus making it one of the best places to explore Rajasthani food and hospitality.

By now we are sure that you now have your gastronomical goals set for this new decade. After all, your taste buds deserve nothing but the best. As you set out to explore the top fine dining restaurants in India, here’s wishing you a Bon Apetit!

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