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renowned fashion designers

Renowned fashion designers from all around the world have their histories to code and decipher the meaning of fashion in their ways. The sense of premium fashion has always come with such leading designers. Moreover, the formula to look effortlessly fashionable has become more comfortable with time and evolving fashion trends. Their exhibition of fashion has marked such designers in the industry as top ones. Here you will get to know about them and their works that you did not know before. All the unknown details on the designers will surprise you!

Giorgio Armani (Piacenza, Italy)

The dressing line of Armani is still up to the mark, be it on or off the runway. His unique style of fashion leads his brand to the ultimate popularity. The androgynous style followed and approved by Armani models shows the exquisiteness of his collections. From denim to couture collection- Armani apparel speaks a different shade of style. Armani is still one of the iconic fashion designers in the industry.

Michael Kors (Long Island, New York)

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This famed fashion designer of the era started his career after launching women’s collection in the year of 1981. He stands out with his signature style of shoes, bags, watches, accessories, and apparels. This sales-person turned designer comes to surprise the world how contemporary style can be runaway- worthy.

Thomas Burberry (Brockham Green, England)

Though he is not among the contemporary designers, he is still on the list. He is the inventor of the trench coat that is now in vogue in the street style of fall/winter fashion. Burberry is one of the most renowned fashion designers until now. When Burberry established his clothing line, it mainly sold the daily drapes for hunters, fishers, cowboys, and horse riders. But now it is a gold class brand that features premium models all over the world.

Christian Dior (Granville, France)

Dior has been the father of modern fashion even after his death. He revived the trends with long hemlines and dramatic dresses. His clothing line made him one of the top fashion designers in the world. Now a day, the brand name Dior shines in the fashion and beauty industry. The makeup lines set by Dior are also a renowned choice that worth a check-in!

Yves Saint Laurent (Oran, Algeria)

Laurent shows off the modernism in the trends he launched with a sheer blouse, playsuits, and jumpsuits. Yves Saint Laurent is still a show stopper in famed runways and fashion shows in fashion hubs like France, New York, and Milan, and so on.

Calvin Klein (Hungary)

The renowned fashion designer leaves a footprint to guide the mass to follow the trend. Calvin Klein is just the most appropriate emblem of a casual trend in runways. He showed the world the power of denim to sport it for a party or a casual brunch date. His innovations of fashion streams glided him to launch accessory and lingerie lines also.

Manish Malhotra (India)

He is one of the leading fashion designers in India. The signature ethnic collections of Manish Malhotra’s stylish fashion trend are raging the Bollywood since the year of 1999. He is still on-trend and carrying almost nine million followers on Instagram. His couture collections are hot in the wedding fashion in the ethnic fashion department.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee (Kolkata, India)

He shows the world the ethnicity of Bengali fashion while reviving the old trends in new thoughts. He has drawn a signature drama of wedding collections with hand-embroidered fabrics. The personalization of fashion thoughts has come with Sabyasachi in India. Kuala Lampur and Miami fashion weeks have featured his clothing line.

Donatella Versace (Italy)

Versace shows luxury trends with some iconic styles. The logo carries the face of Medusa to denote that the collections will make the followers fall in love with the brand. Donatella Versace is running the brand with a super successful career. She has received FGI Superstar Award in the year of 2008. Her sustainable fashion trends adorned her with The Green Carpet Fashion Awards.

Marc Jacobs (New York)

The logo got famous when Marc Jacobs got famous with the award of Womenswear Designer of the year in the year of 1991. His creations on the casual fashion domain have made his name famous around the globe.

The season of fashion gets updated with the launch of the renowned fashion designers’ original collections. And these top 10 designers are the trendsetters of dynamic fashion. They allow getting into the essence of true fashion, decoding the originality of style. Their choices that turned into wearable stuff are ruling the industry with both craze and rage. Such signature designs, that show-case the innovations of designers, have transformed the dull world into a fashion-forward one. Get set go with some fashion-worthy ideas!

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