Best tips to entertain family during lockdown

tips to entertain family during lockdown

The 21-day lockdown imposed by the central government one of the strictest measures taken by any government in any part of the globe. For a country as densely populated as India and a pandemic as deadly as that of COVID-19, such a measure was an absolute necessity. As a result of this lockdown, people are finding themselves with a lot more free time than what they would normally have. While spending time with the family is indeed something to look forward to, now that we have the time many of us are unsure of how to make the most of it. To sail through such challenging times, here are some tips to entertain family during lockdown.

Family book

If you are on the lookout of some funny ideas to spend time with your family, consider preparing a scrapbook with your family history. From having details like names of ancestors from your and your spouse’s side of the family to mentioning funny anecdotes, there is a lot of room for creativity. Mentioning details of a family heirloom, stories and struggles will make it a brilliant gift to pass on to your next generation.

Create separate workplaces

As much as it is important to spend time with each other, you should also know when to give each other some space. If you and other people living in the house (your spouse, siblings, parents or kids) are working from home, try to create separate workplaces for each individual. Ideally, look for setups wherein you can close the door between two people. If that is not possible, you can always work on two corners of the same room. This will not just allow you to treasure your family time better.


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No matter what the age demographics of your family may be, one of the best tips to entertain family during lockdown is to schedule a daily ‘storytime ritual’. Encourage all the family members to gather in the living room, terrace or any other comfortable place. Then start by telling a story or anecdote from your life. Encourage other members of the family to do the same. Grandparents can tell stories from their childhood while your kids can talk about an interesting event in school. This activity will allow the different family members to connect with each other and #BridgeTheGap. For kids, this will also improve communication skills.

Cook together

Nuclear houses today either have a designated family member who is responsible for all the cooking or appoints a helper for the same. During the lockdown, with every family member being restricted to the home premise (and helpers not being able to make it to work), it might be the perfect situation for some family time in the kitchen. Based on availability, you can opt for some traditional activities in the kitchen such as the preparation of Sandesh, dhokla or bhujiya. Alternatively, you can engage in family activities that involve experimentation with food.

Indoor sports

As a family, it is not fair to expect that everyone will have the same skill set and physical stamina. These factors play an important role in winning a game. Thus, to play a fair game in the family it is always better to opt for indoor games. The lockdown gives one ample opportunity to indulge in carrom, cards, chess and other board games with your loved ones. Indulge in nostalgia by telling your kids stories from your childhood as you play the games with them.

Distribution of chores

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Life is not all about fun and games and neither should the lockdown. Sone efficient tips to entertain family during lockdown would include distributing the chores among the different family members. With maids and household helps not coming to work, this will take a good amount of load off your shoulders and help you achieve a work-life balance. It will also teach your kids the dignity of labor and enable them to be independent. The life skills taught during the lockdown period will go a long way in character building as well.

Online gaming

In the last generation, the definition of family has undergone a paradigm shift and many family members reside in different parts of the country. With everyone locked up for these 21-days, this might be the perfect time to rekindle your bond with them. Several exciting family games are of multiplayer nature. From action games like Counterstrike to strategy-based ones such as Clash of Clans, you have a lot of options to choose from. Ludo King is an excellent option for people looking to involve aged parents or young kids in this.

Revamp your house

One of the best tips to entertain family during lockdown and have a beautiful house at the end of it is to revamp your house. From taking down curtains and washing them down to rearranging your house, there is a lot that you can do around the house. Not only does having multiple helping hands make things easier, but it also fosters a sense of collective belonging among the family. And, let us admit it – waking up to a newly furbished house does raise the morale of the family in such trying times.

Creative dates

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In the process of meeting work deadlines, managing your kids and elderly parents, you may not be giving your spouse the required attention. One way to strengthen your relationship during this lockdown would be to engage in date nights. Several art galleries and museums are offering virtual tours. You can indulge in a date night where you explore such art galleries from the comfort of your home. Alternatively, your date night can also include the two of you binge-watching a new series or a movie.

With so many tips to entertain family during lockdown, you will not run out of options on how to make the best use of time. As you take precautionary measures and stay home to tackle the menace of coronavirus, do not lose out on making this a lifetime experience for your loved ones. For no matter, what may come and go, a family is always a family.

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