South Asian Travel Awards 2019: Amari Galle hosts the grandest travel awards show

south asian travel awards 2019

The prestigious event of the 4th annual South Asian Travel Awards 2019 was held on 19th-20th September 2019 as scheduled at Sri Lanka’s Amari Galle. This grand event was held as a retreat with the conversations of SATA, celebration and the grand gala. All the leading names in the tourism, travel, and hospitality industry were announced as winners during the event.

South Asian Travel Awards was initially started in the years 2016 with the intention of providing a platform for brands from all over the region in the hospitality and travel industry to get recognized.

Since then several companies in the aforementioned domain have bagged multiple awards for having outstanding achievements.

The president of SATA 2019 is Mr. Ismail Hameed who has been proudly hosting these events in multiple locations since 2016. The first event of SATA was held at the prestigious location of Mount Lavinia Hotel in the year 2016. The subsequent SATA grand gala was held at Equator Village in 2017 and in the year 2018, the event was hosted by The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai.

SATA is the first event in the world which offers a platform to celebrate the achievements of industries in the hospitality and travel sector. This is why it has continued to receive an immense amount of support from the regional organizations and brands in the hospitality sector.

In this 4th annual event of South Asian Travel Awards 2019, over 700 nominations were received from multiple segments of the travel and hospitality industry in the South Asian region. All the key pioneers from the hospitality, tourism and travel industry were seen together in a single place, making the event a grand success for networking.

As a destination, Maldives won 3 major awards and also went ahead to bag around 32 awards in individual segments that were nominated by the resorts. The awards bagged by the hotels and resorts in India include Best CSR Programme, Leading Airport, Leading Ayurveda Resort, Leading Business Hotel, Leading F&B Hotel/Resort, Leading Heritage Hotel/Resort, Leading Houseboat, Leading Live aboard, Leading Luxury Hotel/Resort, Leading Conference and Meeting Resort, Leading Travel Agent. The hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka also managed to get several awards, the most prominent ones being Leading Wildlife Lodge and Leading Wellness and Spa Resort.

The participants of this event were from 6 major destinations namely, Sri Lanka, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Nepal. SATA has endorsements from over 15 organizations in the travel and hospitality industry and multiple national tourism bodies. This shows that SATA has tremendously grown since the time of its introduction.

The SATA (2019) event was special as it continued as a retreat and the very first day of the SATA event gave several opportunities to network with the hospitality and travel industry experts. There were also a few sessions where the emphasis on discussing ways to promote tourism in South Asia was given. The factors which were majorly affecting tourism in South Asia were also discussed.

The SATA 2019 event was partnered by The Hawks Pvt Ltd, Velana International Airport, and Dhivehi Insurance. This event is also supported by several other silver partners, endorsement partners, associate partners, media partners, and hospitality partners. Mr. Ismail Hameed, the president of South Asian Travel Awards, announced that the grand event of SATA 2020 would take place in the Maldives.

The decision of the upcoming SATA event is based on the fact that the Maldives won several awards in the prestigious South Asian Travel Awards 2019 event which was held in Amari, Sri Lanka this year.

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