Scientific Breakthroughs 2019: A tale of happy retrospection

scientific breakthroughs

The world of science and technology is one that is constantly evolving. Every day thousands of scientists around the globe are coming up with newer revelations. Many of these have the potential to be as revolutionizing as Newton’s laws of motion or Einstein’s theory of relativity. However, as a society, we are so obsessed with political and entertainment news that we seldom pay attention to things like this. This results in many of us remain unaware of things that matter. To aid in such a situation, in this article, we present a consolidated list of the best scientific breakthroughs 2019. The list has been deliberately kept diverse to accommodate the different branches of scientific study –

Quantum Internet

At the core of quantum computing lies the basic unit of the qubit. The recent years saw complex quantum algorithms process information and come up with exceptional machine learning solutions. The year 2019 saw the usage of this technology in the world of computing and communication. Here the qubits are encoded with information in a manner such that safe transfer of data can be assured. China has recently launched its ‘quantum capable satellite’ that is designed to host the quantum internet. Indeed, with this latest breakthrough, in the coming years, the world of communication is set to become much safer than it is today.

Immunotherapy in cancer treatment

Cancer is one ailment that has bothered mankind for generations. The reality that there is no cure for it makes matters worse. While scientists are yet to find a cure for cancer, the year 2019 saw some breakthroughs in immunotherapy. This technique makes use of the body’s immune system and empowers it to fight cancerous cells in the body. The implementation of engineered T-cells in joint therapy might make effective cancer treatment a reality. These latest immunotherapeutic targets and the biomarkers work for all tumor profiles and are indeed among the top scientific breakthroughs in medicine.

3D Metal Printing

It is a cutting edge technology that has the potential of changing the commercial world. In the original context, the main problem associated with 3D printing is its high cost. With 3D metal printing coming into the picture in 2019, the functionality of 3D printing expands by leaps and bounds. Companies like GE and Nike have come up with plans to make the most of this technology by using it in their products. HP has already implemented the HP Fusion model in its works. In the coming months, more and more companies are expected to join the bandwagon of 3D metal printing.

Flying Cars

Since the time of the Ramayana, men have always fantasized about flying cars. The ‘Pushpaka Vimana’ is a testimony of that. Glossing through the scientific breakthroughs 2019, you will realize that this is no longer a dream. The Dutch company Pal-V came up with ‘Liberty.’ A one-of-its-kind vehicle uses a dual propulsion drivetrain. This allows the vehicle to be driven like a normal car on the road on regular days. The separate mode for flying can be used as and when required. What this means is that the car will not need a road to drive on.

As of today, it is designed to fly at the height of up to 11,480 feet in the air. This is one of the major scientific breakthroughs 2019, and it is expected to pave the way for more affordable flying cars in the coming years.

AI-enhanced virtual care

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India is a nation whose geographical dimensions are so large that it is practically impossible to ensure that government healthcare reaches every nook and corner of the country. In such a situation, the latest AI-enhanced of virtual care is a lifesaver. AI techniques will allow doctors and medical caregivers to cater to patients, diagnose their ailments, and treat the same without having to meet the patient face-to-face. That way, a single medical expert will be able to cater to multiple patients located in different parts of the country. With this significant development among the major scientific breakthroughs 2019, the world of community medicine is set for a transformation.

Self-healing materials

The human body is modeled in a way such that it can heal minor cuts and burns on its own. It is this very idea that led scientists to come up with the concept of self-healing materials, and that was among the major scientific breakthroughs 2018. This year saw the implementation of this idea with certain polymers being developed that have the capacity of plate-like chemical reactions and can heal the damage done onto them. These use embedded internal adhesives for the same.

Some of the self-healing products have been made from healing agents or shape-memory materials that are enriched with the capacity of getting back to their original shape and form. We are confident that this particular product count among the scientific breakthroughs that changed the world.

AI-enhanced CCTVs

For decades now, CCTVs have done a brilliant job in helping police catch criminals and keep our homes and workplaces safe from burglars. The year 2019 is seeing a major advancement here with AI enhancing the surveillance cameras. Facial recognition techniques and big data are incorporated into the existing camera technology. Not only will that help in the identification and location of individuals, but it will also make the process considerably faster. With big brands like Hitachi and Nvidia jumping into action and making the most of this, it is predicted that by the next five years, there will be a considerable reduction in the number of missing people.

Since generations, the power of science has been used to empower lives. The year 2019 is no different. As we stand on the threshold of the last month of the year, retrospecting on the scientific progress of the year will usher in positivity in our lives.

The seven scientific breakthroughs 2019 will successfully transform our lives for the better. As we sit back and watch that happen, let us take a moment and thank our stars for being alive at this hour when the world of science is up for some of its biggest achievements.

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