Chelsea Legend Petr Cech will now Play Ice Hockey for Guildford Phoenix!

Petr Cech

Ex-Arsenal and Chelsea Goalkeeper, Petr Cech has joined the British ice hockey team Guildford Phoenix. The 37 years old who retired from professional football in the summer has switched to the ice by signing as a goaltender for the National Ice Hockey League team.

Cech used to play Ice Hockey as a youngster:

Before becoming a professional footballer, Cech used to play Ice Hockey in his home country Czech Republic. Ever since he became a big fan of the sport, but due to his commitments to football, he didn’t get a chance to get back in touch with Ice hockey. But now, after retirement, Cech has the time for his hobbies.

How did Petr Cech sign for Guildford Phoenix?

It was earlier reported that the former Czech Republic international was training with another Ice hockey team, Guildford Flames. However, nothing came out of the session, as neither side said anything. But there has to happen something that reconnected Petr Cech Ice Hockey to make a move for it. Whatever it was, we can all agree to it for good.

What does this mean for Chelsea?

After retirement, Cech was offered a technical and performance advisory role at Chelsea. According to the blues website, Cech’s role is to provide advice on matters related to football and the performance of players. He will also act as a vital link between the first team and the club’s academy. In other words, he will serve as a glue for Chelsea’s setup.

But this also means he will have a lot of time. During his free time, he is being given permission to pursue his hobby. So, Cech will play for Guildford Phoenix, only if he doesn’t have any work. So, Blues fans, don’t worry, you aren’t losing him again, he is still at the club. This is a new trend at Chelsea, where the owner is bringing back ex-players to work for Chelsea. They are allowed to do what they wish. Like Joe Cole coaching youth Team, Cech and David Luiz both joining arch-rivals, Arsenal.

Guildford Phoenix Wiki

Guildford Phoenix is a team in the National Ice Hockey league. It was founded in 2017 in Guildford, surrey. Currently, the team plays in tier two of the Ice Hockey league in Britain. The team shares its stadium, ‘Spectrum Arena,’ with the more famous Guildford Flames.

Although the team is quite young, yet it is performing quite well in the league division 2. With the addition of Petr Cech as it’s third choice goaltender, the team will receive a lot of experience from one of the greatest Goalkeeper of the last two decades.

Good things ahead for Phoenix and Petr Cech!

Petr Cech is a dedicated person, and he has massive experience. He has won 124 caps for the national side. He has won the champions league, four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, and a Europa League with Chelsea. His experience will be very helpful for a young Phoenix side. This move will benefit both sides.

Photo by Dunfermline Press

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