How to take up new hobbies to keep yourself occupied during the lockdown

new hobbies to keep yourself occupied

The 21 days of lockdown has proven to be a huge challenge to the nation’s economic development. But such stringent measures needed to be taken to tackle the global pandemic. Now, millions of Indians are living isolated lives with a lot more time to spare. If you are one such person exploring options for new hobbies to keep yourself occupied, then you are not alone in this pursuit.

Sadly, due to the lockdown, you might not have access to a lot of resources needed to take up a new hobby. If you have exhausted the common entertainment options like watching a movie or starting with a new series, here are some innovative hobby options for you to explore during these 21 days of staying at home –


Contrary to popular beliefs, you do not need a lot of exotic ingredients to bake a cake. With things like sugar, flour, and eggs easily available even during the lockdown, you can take up the hobby of baking with minimal investment. Also, one does not have to possess an OTG or microwave oven to bake a cake. Cakes baked in a pressure cooker or rice cooker are just as tasty as those prepared in an oven. For beginners, there are several videos on YouTube that will guide you through the process.


The lockdown has got a lot of people frustrated because of their inability to go for morning walks. If you are one such person looking for new hobbies to keep yourself occupied, you should consider the option of yoga. Yoga is an efficient way of boosting the body and mind and can be easily practiced at home. If you do not have a family member who can assist you with the different asanas, there are several online tutorials that will guide you through the journey.


As a generation, we write much lesser than our parents and grandparents. And yet, there is nothing as gripping as a document handwritten in calligraphic handwriting. It takes 5-6 days to master this skill and is a perfect time to learn calligraphy. One does not necessarily need to possess a fountain pen to begin this. Udemy and many others offer several short-time courses. This is a skill that you can gladly flaunt in your resume and beyond.


The global pandemic and the subsequent national lockdown have caused a great deal of financial uncertainty in society. As individuals, none of us can claim to be totally unaffected by it. The lockdown gives you ample time to do some research on investing and thereby make some money while staying at home. You do not need to start off with a huge sum. If you nurture your hobby well and carefully plan small investments, it can yield substantial monetary gains.

Play Sudoku or Crossword

Sudoku is a logic-based numerical puzzle that can be played even by people who do not have a mathematical background. You will find sudoku and crossword challenges in newspapers and online. Not only are these some exciting hobbies, but they also help in boosting one’s thinking abilities and vocabulary. Research has shown that solving Sudoku puzzles aid in keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. If you do not have a regular practice of solving crossword or sudoku puzzles, you can always consider the option of taking this up during the lockdown.


Today most of us are so busy earning money and then spending the same, that we often miss out on the budgeting. With the lockdown in place, one efficient hobby from home is to draw your finance sheet and chalk out a budget. That way, you can ensure that you meet all your needs and expectations, while also securing your future. Taking up this hobby will also save you from having to employ third-party accountants for your personal budgeting.


Origami is an essential part of Japanese culture, Origami is the art of creating interesting figures by folding paper. For people looking for out of the box ideas, Origami is a creative hobby to pursue. Even during the lockdown, one will definitely have access to sheets of paper. From simple paper planes and boats to complex human structures, there is a lot of options that you can explore here. In fact, this is a hobby that you can take up with your family members. There is nothing like sitting down with your kids and reliving your childhood while introducing them to the ancient Japanese art.


If you are looking for new hobbies to keep yourself occupied during the lockdown, whittling is an uncommon option that you can consider. If you have some raw wood lying about the house, you can take them up and use a knife to carve out pretty shapes. Physical power is not a prerequisite for whittling. While taking up this hobby is not recommended for children less than 15 years of age (for safety reasons), you can always encourage your kids to take this up under adult supervision.


We are often so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we miss out on the simple pleasures of life. During the lockdown, consider going up to your terrace or balcony and look at the stars. Nothing is as calming as looking up at the clear skies and thinking about life. While some people like to do it alone, others prefer sky gazing in the company of their loved ones. This hobby will not just allow you to retrospect on life and mend your mistakes, but it will also provide you the luxury of planning your future in the best possible way.

With this list, we are sure that you now have ample options for new hobbies to keep yourself occupied. Based on your age, nature and personal preference, feel free to make your pick. Here’s hoping that you make the most of your free time and 21-day lockdown becomes an opportunity to redefine your choices and preferences.

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