Players released and traded ahead of IPL 2020 auction!

ipl 2020 auction

The Indian Premier league is a festival of cricket like any other festival whose preparation starts long before. And IPL 2020 is no different; recently the eight teams released a list of players they released and traded ahead of the auction in December. Many of which are sure to raise your eyes.

IPL auction 2020 schedule

The carnival of the Indian Premier League is scheduled to take place in April, but right now, the teams are preparing for the auction. BCCI has decided to schedule IPL 2020 auction for the first time in Kolkata during December. Aside from the IPL 2020 auction date-time change, teams will also be getting an extra three crores in their purse. In IPL 2019, teams were allowed to spend 82 crores at maximum, but now it is increased to 85 crores to balance out the previous auctions.

Players traded before the auction

Before we talk about retained and released player list, we need to talk about player trading. The IPL has a transfer window, just like the football leagues, where teams can trade players with each other. 11 players were traded during this time, and some were really unexpected.

Delhi bringing in Ashwin and Ajinkya from Punjab and Rajasthan was the most surprising of all. Well, they also let go of the pace thunder that is Trent Boult to Mumbai. While the other trade did sort of make sense. The full list is down below:

IPL auction 2020

IPL 2020 retained and released Player list

It was a busy few weeks for the teams as they had to make the hard choice of selecting players to rebuild the squad for the upcoming season. A total of 71 players were released, out of which 34 were foreigners. There have been some interesting choices. Let’s dissect each team’s choices –

Mumbai Indians: We began with the champions who had released a few foreign players, but none of them was their regular starters. The team has a solid core of experienced players. They don’t need anything other than squad players and a power-hitting opening batsman, which they can easily get in their 13-crores purse.

Chennai Super Kings: Chennai has been the most consistent team in IPL, and it showed when they released just 5 players. All of which were non-starters, but with 14.60 crores in the purse, you might see a couple of big signing in the auction.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: There is a lot of changes in the team as they released 11 players, many of which were high-profile players. But with Simon Katich as a new head coach and 28 crores in purse, Kohli and his team has a big job in their hand.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Hyderabad released just 5 players, but they were players who they would be looking to replace. So, the replacements for the suspended Shakib and Yusuf Pathan are on the cards. With 17 crores in the purse, expect few big-name signings.

Rajasthan Royals: Rajasthan is certainly looking to overhaul their entire squad, they released 11 players and traded Rahane. Rajasthan isn’t known for signing big names but talented players, so keep an eye of their players because they will sign a lot in their 29 crores budget.

Delhi Capitals: Delhi’s had a weird few weeks, they let go Boult and Chris Morris, but they brought in Rahane and Ashwin. The team has a solid Indian base that covers all aspects, but they need foreign reinforcement. With Pointing and a budget of 28 crores, expect some big names moving to Delhi after the auction.

Kolkata Knight Riders: The team released 11 players, and they have a big task at their hand. They would be desperately looking for some firepower both in bowling and batting to release some pressure on existing players. But a budget of 35+ crores gives them the tools to do so.

Kings XI Punjab: Punjab has the highest budget of all teams with close to 43 crores. They released a bunch of high paying foreign players. They can buy a maximum of 9 players, but the question is, will they get what they want in this auction.

Clearly, the teams have done their homework. They seem to be going to the 2020 auction with a plan. To give you the final picture here is IPL all team squad in the picture below.

The Alayaran

As we can see, each team has a strategy with which they released and retained players. You might argue that it wasn’t the right thing to do. But we have to wait and see how things pan out in the Kolkata next months when these eight teams meet again for IPL 2020 auction.

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