Fashion trends 2019: Check out some of the sensational outfits of the year

fashion trends 2019

The fashion trends 2019 categorize the fresh and hot segments of the fashion genre differently. The most out of the fashion world come under the umbrella of the street style rather than designers’ collections. But, a designer’s idea to pair the mundane with the unique has given birth to the fashion. The uniqueness of the style icons comes with inspiration from day to day life’s usage of apparel. The more useful it is, the trendier it is.

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The everyday style

Slay in every day’s casual looks! The fashion trends 2019 turn all the necessities into a new attitude to tackle everyday fashion. Men and women both follow the hottest trends in fashion, running internationally everywhere. The look of the girl next door is the most sought in the search engines now a day. You can follow the fashion trends news on the internet to go through an in-depth analysis. It is all about a more comfortable wear every time. 

The bold accents

The color combination defines the personality of every person. So, just like this, the fashion trends 2019 accept the bold accents of colors and designs. Girls are wearing black or dark colors for a gothic look. Sometimes dark comes to combine with vivid colors like bright yellow or neon color. Wear leather shorts for biking with a blazer for adding a sporty dimension to the look. Men are wearing dark-colored apparel. Designers are teaming pastel shirts with deep and dark blazers for formal wear.

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Animal prints on rage

Here and there and everywhere, there is animal printed stuff. It descended mainly from the street style. But, now is ruling eve the hottest runways in international fashion shows. The designers like Louise Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Chanel, and Nina Ricci are following the animal prints trends in apparel and accessories also. Animal prints revamp a fierce yet classy look of the wearer. The style quotient gets a new level with additional accessories like scarves, bags, or even a pair with leopard print!

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Lavender look

Yes! You have read it right. Lavender is the hottest color to sport now a day. Fashion trends 2019 showcase the soothing touch of lavender color everywhere. Even men are wearing lavender shirts and blazers on fashion shows. The femininity of the color shows a new dimension of a woman’s choice of apparel. Soft fabrics like chiffons, linens, and nets are colored in lavender tones to craft unique dresses mainly for spring/ summer collections. So, why wait to shop something in the lavender shade?

fashion trends
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The festive colors

The colors of life reverberate into dressing sense. So, during the festival season, it is expected that people would love to flaunt the brightest and warmest colors of choice to show off happiness. Fashion trends in India exhibit just the right dose of the festive looks. During Diwali, the trendiest apparels are sequinned, embroidered, and bright in color. Designers prefer to show their most gorgeous collections during festive seasons in India. In the same way, during the season of Holi, designers put forward the vivid colors to amplify the feel of the season. Ethnic wears make the most of the platform during such festive occasions.

Warm tones are in the show

Now a day, people want to look presentable rather than looking dull. So, warm tones take the place of the soft pastels. Both men and women flaunt dresses, woolens, and even accessories in warm tones like rust, yellow, beige, and brown. The trend to wear such stuff can be seen in fashion trends 2020 also. So, it is a big stroke in the fashion industry. It looks simple, yet sorted. Warm tones are versatile. You can sport it in regular gym wear. And you can also wear in a board meeting. A casual day-party wear looks excellent in warm tones too. Most of the fall collections are arriving in such tones recently.

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Tie-dye is the future of prints

The most exciting part of the tie-dye print is its availability both in brands and designers’ collections. Tie-dye is the new facet of printed apparel. Models are layering tie-dye scarves with woolen wear to put a boho touch in the whole look. From sweatshirts to t-shirts, tie-dye prints are revolving almost in every big brand! Team your dull look with any tie-dye scarf or apparel to bring life to it. Sport a tie-dye printed handbag on your ethnic-wear day to spice up the drama. Neon tie-dye prints are ruling the looks for clubbing and partying.

fashion trends 2019
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Go for patchwork

The arbitrary geometric patchwork is the next generation of the fashion industry. From the New York Fashion Week to the high street style, you can sport it anywhere. Wear it in a corporate meeting or at a business party. It looks classy and edgy simultaneously. Patchwork is ruling in ethnic apparel also. Sherwani, saree, and kurta have patchwork details all-over or in parts. Shoes and bags are also following the same way to take a row in the industry.

fashion trends 2019

Denim rules

Fashion trends for men are never without denim. But this trend is taking denim to a new extension. Wear denim watch bands to match your denim jackets. Fall/winter collections are serving it hot with denim dresses for women. Men can sport even light-wash denim sling bags for a casual day out. And why not accessorize with denim caps or hair bands? Pair your look with a denim scarf to complete the look.

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The list for fashion trends 2019 is neverending. But the most loved and accepted ones always get the seat in the front row. So, here are the same. The most followed styles by Instagram models, fashion designers, and celebrities always get higher chances of credibility in the common mass. Thus it comes to a line of trend. And continuous patterns result in some trendsetters’ tricks to walk in style even in every day’s look. Follow your choice to look dramatically perfect. Slay in every day’s wear!

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