Men’s Hockey World cup 2023 to be hosted by India

hockey world cup 2023

India won the bid to host the Men’s Hockey World cup 2023. This is the 2nd consecutive time that India is hosting the tournament and fourth time overall. These are good times for Indian hockey as both the men’s and women’s teams also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics.

How did India win the bid?

The FIH executive board met on 8th October in Lausanne, Switzerland, to decide the venue of Hockey’s most prestigious event. For the Men’s Hockey World cup 2023, three nations bid to host the tournament – India, Belgium, and Malaysia. FIH CEO Thierry Weil later said that the decision was made on the overall growth of the sports and potential income.

All the teams had put up a very competitive bid. However, India will be celebrating its 75 years of independence in 2023, the event had more growth and income potential than the other two choices. Hence, India won the bid to host Men’s 2023 Hockey World Cup. In the process, India becomes the first nation to host the tournament four times – 1982 (Mumbai), 2010 (New Delhi), 2018 (Bhubaneswar), and now the 2023 world cup.

Women’s Hockey World Cup 2022

In the same meeting, the board also decided on the venue for the 2022 Women’s Hockey World Cup. The sport is rapidly growing in the women circle. That was evident from the five bids that were made by Spain, Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, and Malaysia. This was a much more difficult task for the board, however, they settled on Spain and the Netherlands, co-hosting the event. Both Spain and Netherlands are the previous hosts of the tournament.

Hockey World Cup Schedule

This meeting was only to decide the venue and the date of the tournament. The 2023 Men’s cup will be held in India from 13 to 29th January 2023 in Bhubaneswar (probably). While the women’s tournament is scheduled from 1 to 17th July 2022 and matches will be held in Spain (Terrassa) and Netherlands (Amstelveen). The exact dates of each match will be released on a later date by the host nation after a talk with the FIH.

Format and Qualification for the world cup

The format and Qualification of both world cups will be the same as the previous ones. The host nations have already qualified, so India, Spain, and the Netherlands are through. Next up is the continental champions, which will be decided later on. Finally, remaining teams would have to play a home and away match in a pair to complete the 16 teams in the competition. Then these teams would be divided into groups of four and then the knockout stages.

Good times ahead for Indian Hockey

These are good times for the Indian Hockey, they have hosted a ton of FIH events like the champions trophy 2014, FIH Hockey World League Finals in 2017, and FIH Men’s Series Finals in 2019. Now, they have bagged the Men’s Hockey world cup 2023. On the pitch, both the men and women qualified for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, which is also great news.

Moreover, 2018 World was regarded as the best by fans, experts, and players. All of these are indications that the sport is growing in India again, and the only thing left for India is to win some big tournaments to take the next step.

Clearly, the sport has grown in India, with more fans and players coming out as acknowledged by the FIH. The team is currently ranked 5th in the world, and it has the potential to win Hockey World cup 2023. But we have to see how it goes for the men in Blue.

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