Global Competitiveness Index 2019: A complete summary

Global competitiveness index 2019

India descended ten spots to be positioned 68th in the yearly Global Competitiveness Index 2019. India was positioned at the 58th spot in the 2018 release. Singapore beat the list this year, toppling the United States and pushing it to the subsequent spot.

In spite of its low position, India performed better in specific pointers like sustainable power source guidelines, air terminal networks, expansion, etc. Notwithstanding, it performed ineffectively in different areas, including security, where it was positioned close to base at the 124th position with its fear-based oppression occurrence and sorted out wrongdoing rate being incredibly high.

India additionally positioned generally low in the abilities of future workforce pointer, understudy educator proportion in essential training, power gets to, power supply quality, and presentation to dangerous drinking water.

Global Competitiveness Index 2019: Key Highlights

  • Singapore, with 84.8 points, took the top spot in Global Competitiveness Index 2019, pushing aside the United States to the following position.
  • The best five economies in the Global Competitiveness Index 2019 included Singapore, the US, Hong Kong, Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  • Japan took up the sixth spot, Germany positioned seventh, Sweden positioned eighth, UK positioned ninth, and Denmark positioned tenth to finish the best ten economies in the file.
  • China was positioned at the 28th spot, while Hong Kong was positioned third and Taiwan, which it guarantees as to its region, likewise positioned higher at the twelfth spot.

GCR 2019: India

  • According to the World Economic Forum, the significant purpose behind the fall in India’s rank is because of enhancements seen by a few different economies.
  • India was positioned second in investor administration and third regarding business sector size and sustainable power source guidelines.
  • In corporate administration, additionally, India was placed extensively higher in the fifteenth position. In macroeconomic strength additionally, India was positioned high in the 43rd position.
  • However, India performed inadequately in columns including Information, correspondence and innovation selection (120th position), wellbeing (110), aptitudes (107), item advertise (101), work market(103), and solidness (103).
  • As far as a solid future, India was positioned 109 out of 141 nations. In meritocracy and boost, likewise, India was positioned at the 118th position, to a great extent because of its low proportion of compensation and salaried female laborers to male specialists, wherein it was positioned 128th.
  • Among its neighbors, India was positioned in front of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Just China positioned better in the 28th position.

Global Competitiveness Index 2018: Key points

  • India was positioned as the 58th most aggressive economy with a score of 62.0. India bounced five spots from 2017, the biggest addition among G20 economies.
  • The report expresses that the Global economy is anticipated to develop by almost 4% in 2018 and 2019.
  • On the rundown of 140 economies, the United States bested the rundown with a score of 85.6, trailed by Singapore and Germany at the second and the third positions individually.
  • Other nations in the best 10 incorporate Switzerland (fourth), Japan (fifth), Netherlands (sixth), Hong Kong (seventh), United Kingdom (eighth), Sweden (ninth), and Denmark (tenth).
  • In Europe, Sweden is positioned as the most noteworthy among the Nordic economies in the ninth position, while France (seventeenth) is among the best 20. Nations, for example, Germany and Switzerland, set the Global principles for advancement.
  • Chile (33rd) drives the Latin America and the Caribbean district by a wide edge, in front of Mexico (46th) and Uruguay (53rd). Weakness and frail establishments are two of the most significant difficulties for most nations in the district.

Global Competitiveness Index 2019 is a vital parameter to measure the competitive advantage of a country on the others in terms of various underlying factors.

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