Going Green: How To Celebrate An Eco friendly Diwali

eco friendly Diwali

Across the country, people indulge in shopping sprees in the weeks leading to the festival of Diwali. With more people out on the street (and refusing to walk or use public transport), the roads become jam-packed. During the days of Deepavali celebrations, traffic frustrations build in the air, and the cars honk their way to eternity. Environmental experts claim that with the increase in harmful particulate matter in the air, the air quality decreases magnanimously on the festive days. Callousness on the part of people celebrating Diwali leads to food and plastic being strewn all over the town. It is high time that we act responsibly and take up ownership of our actions. One small yet significant way to do that would be to pledge to celebrate an eco friendly Diwali 2019.

While many people want to do something for the environment, not many people are sure of how to go about with it. To help you overcome such confusion, here we shall discuss some tips on how to celebrate the festival of Deepavali in an eco-friendly manner.

Reduce and Reuse

The festival of Diwali is one wherein the house is cleaned and decorated in its full glory. Every year, people try to bring in some innovation to their festive decor. One of the most eco-friendly ways of doing it will be by reusing household stuff. Try to come up with innovative ways of walking wall art with recycled paper. You can go for some DIY projects out of plastic and tin cans. To make the festival more colorful, you may also use sarees and dupattas as curtains for the day.

Give up on Candles

Before you begin chalking out how to lighten up your home this Diwali, you need to understand the production of different types of lights. The production of candles happen from petroleum, and a considerable amount of toxins are released during the process. These include formaldehyde, lead, and benzene. As it is very difficult to undo the ill effects of these chemicals on our environment, the first step to celebrating an eco friendly Diwali would be to do away with lighting candles. Substitute those with earthen lamps (diyas). Not only are they made from ecofriendly material, but they are reusable. If you prefer the use of electronic illumination, make sure that you pick up LED lights. The LED lights consume 80% less power than conventional bulbs. Not only will that help in protecting the environment, but it will also result in better monetary savings for you.

Make Home-made Sweets

During the festive season, most of the sweatshops would be busting with customers. This is true not just on the Deepavali date but also on the days leading to the festival. To cater to this sudden surge of demand, shops often resort to the usage of substandard ingredients. Not only are these likely to harm your body, but they also have a disastrous impact on the environment as well. The best way to tackle this would be by preparing home-made sweets for the festival.

Opt for Eco-friendly Crockery

Every festival has certain treats and delicacies that are unique to it. The festival of Diwali is no different. Mutual exchange of sweets is customary, and guests are served festive dinner on this day. In many houses, guests are served on single-use plastic or thermocol dishes. Stand out by serving your guests on banana plates instead of plastic plates. Not only is this an eco-friendly venture, but it is much hygienic.

Green Gifting

Traditional Diwali gifts include boxes of soan-papdi sweets and tones of showpieces. Most people receiving these gifts do not know about what to do with such gifts received year after year. An eco-friendly way to get out of this loop would be to switch to gifting saplings on Deepavali 2019. When the person receiving the gift plants the sapling, he would be reminded of you every time the flower blooms. If you want to go for a low-maintenance gift, a cactus would be a worthy option. Other green Diwali gifting ideas include special tea, coffee, spices, and herbal cosmetic. As these are less expensive than conventional showpieces, in this case, the benefits of eco friendly Diwali extend to your pocket as well.

Make a Natural Rangoli

The artificial Rangoli powders that we find in the market contain a lot of chemicals that harm the environment. One of the first steps to saving the environment would be to do away with those. Witch to the use of vermillion (kumkum), coffee -powder, and turmeric to get the colors. The usage of sunflowers, chrysanthemum, lotus, and roses can be used to brighten the rangoli.

Making a conscious effort to think about the environment in every step of the way should be our way of life. In such a situation, planning an eco friendly Diwali should top our priority list. On the other hand, you need to know about Diwali and its significance. So, check this out too – Diwali 2019: A guide to all that you needed to know about it.

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