Daniel James: The new wonder kid of Manchester United

Daniel James

In the summer of 2019, Manchester United signed a young 21-year-old welsh winger named Daniel James. The signing did raise some eyebrows at the time, but other Man Utd signings overshadowed it. However, with ten games into the premier league, it seems a new wonderkid has made his way to Old Trafford.

Who is Daniel James?

Daniel James is a 21-year-old welsh winger who used to play for Swansea city in the championship until last year. Under Graham potter tutelage, he became a first-team regular at the liberty stadium. James impressed a lot of people in the last season, and he also began playing as a national team regular in 2018 by Ryan Giggs.

James played the majority of his games as a left-sided winger for Swansea. However, Potter even positioned him on the right and even as a number nine in many games. Surprisingly James didn’t disappoint, and he proved his versatility for the side. In the 2018/19 season, he contributed four goals and ten assists, which is exceptional for a 20-year-old winger.

James injury

Manchester United suffering under Ole

A few weeks back, if you had to see Man Utd in the premier league table, you had to scroll down to the bottom of the table. That was United’s worst start in three decades, and the team was sitting a few points above the relegation sides. Though, few good results in some of their previous matches have allowed them to re-enter the top half of the table. Ole had a great start as the United Manager, but 2019 has been pretty bad.

However, the club wanted to give emphasis to youth. In this bid, they sold most of their experienced players in the summer. The plan was to bring in emerging stars from around Europe, but all they could manage was James, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and Harry Maguire. With Pogba and martial injured, United was asking for trouble. This is where James came into the picture.

Stellar start to James’s United Career

As we already discussed, United was running short of quality players. With only an aging Mata and inexperienced Pereira as the creative players in the team. James had a big task on his hand, and he did a splendid job. In his first twelve games, he has scored three goals and assisted one. Which is 40% of all Man Utd’s goals, and he is just behind Rashford, who has six goals and two assists.

Now, these are not phenomenal stats as other young players have better stats. But we have to consider that this is a struggling United side. And playing for Man Utd is no easy task as many players struggle under pressure. While James has thrived under it and this was seen in the match against Liverpool.

James became the favorite one at Old Trafford!

For the 1st time in the premier league, man united fans were scared of the outcome. Many thought a thrashing was on the card with the kind of form Liverpool were in. But the complete opposite happened in the match. Liverpool didn’t turn up well as a resolute and disciplined United came for the game.

For the majority of the game, United looked in control defensively. However, goals were hard to come by, and just then, Daniel James dashed forward and delivered an inch-perfect cross for Rashford to score. The best part of his performance was that he was kicked and bullied by the Liverpool player. But he didn’t care as he stood up every time. That was the moment that made Daniel James a Man Utd player!

Manchester United

Praise from around the world!

The Premier League is seeing a bunch of young talent playing for the first team. With the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool, and Man City, all have their wonderkid. But none has received more adulation than James except for the Chelsea boys. Earlier in the international break, Bale praised the young winger and said he is set for big things. Daniel James injury record is perfect as he is still without a major or minor injury yet in the career. All these things just point to the fact that a new prince has arrived at old Trafford.

Hope for Manchester United

Nowadays, each Manchester united news is surrounded by a cloud of sadness. Fans have no real hope of finishing in the top four. However, they are still in the Europa League. They sit top of their group and winning the competition will give them a pathway to the champions league. They have a decent defense who doesn’t leak goals, and if James continues to perform as he is doing, Man Utd might end up winning the competition.

Daniel James
Photo by Independent.co.uk

We know this is still early days, but the way Daniel James has performed for Swansea City, United, and the Welsh national team for the last 15 months. It will be foolish not to praise him because he has earned the title of Wonderkid. Everyone can see why the fans are excited so much for him!

Photo by Dailymail.co.uk

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