Bhai Dooj 2019: From stories of origin to gifting options and beyond

Bhai Dooj 2019

In most cultures, a brother and a sister share one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. What often starts as fighting during the early years often grows into one of sharing secrets. Both the boy and the girl grow to develop an unconditional love for each other. It is in honor of this love and respect that the festival of Bhai Dooj owes its origin. With the nation gearing up to celebrate Bhai Dooj 2019 soon, let us discuss the origin of the festival.

Origin of Bhai Dooj

To begin with the origin, it is important to note that the festival of Bhai Dooj goes by many other names. Bhaiya Dooj, Bhau Beej or Bhai Phota are some of the other popular names of this festival. According to mythological stories surrounding Diwali, on this very day, Lord Krishna visited his sister Subhadra. This visit was very special as it was immediately after defeating the mighty demon Narakasur. Being elated by this visit, Subhadra made the occasion very special by bestowing the Lord with sweets and flowers. The application of a ceremonial tilak by Subhadra gave way to the festival of Bhai Dooj, wherein sisters do the same.

Another legend around this day suggests that the God of Death, Yama visited his sister on this day. As it was the second day after the new moon (also known as Dwitheya), the festival itself is known as Yamadwitheya. In certain Southern regions of the country, the festival goes by the popular name of ‘Yamadvitiya.’

Bhai Dooj Date

Bhai Dooj is traditionally celebrated on the second lunar day of Shukla Paksha of the Kartika month of the Hindu calendar. This would mean that the festival falls on the second day after the new moon. The last day of the festival of Diwali would be this special day. With all such calculations in mind, we can safely say that the 29th of October 2019 is the Bhai Dooj 2019 date.

Customs surrounding Bhai Phota

While the rituals associated with the festival might vary from place to place, the basic customs remain unaltered. The sisters invite their brothers to their homes for the festival. In the case of unmarried sisters (who live in their parental homes), even though the rituals take place in the same house, this customary invitation is necessary. Once the brother accepts the invitation, the sister gets busy in preparing his favorite delicacies. The brother then arrives, and the sisters place all the good food in front of him and light a diya. She then prays to the Almighty for her brother’s long life. She also wishes him luck and asks the Lord to protect him from any ill luck or bad fortune.

Similarly, the brother also pledges to take responsibility for his sister and protect her all along the way. The brother promises to love and care for her through the ups and downs of life. It is this feeling of mutual understanding between a brother and a sister that makes the festival of Bhai Dooj so special.

Bhai Dooj Gift

As you can see from the customs discussed above, gifting is not a very important part of the festival. However, the modern celebration of the festival is incomplete without it. While in many customs, it is expected that the brother will be gifting the sister on Bhai Dooj, the celebration of Bhai Phota 2019 would be deemed incomplete without a mutual exchange of gifts. Thus, as you gear up for the festivities, here are some gifting ideas that will come in handy for you.

Chocolates and flowers

As cliche as they may seem, these are things that can never go out of style. Thus, if you are unsure of your sister’s taste, you can safely go for these. In case you are unable to make it to her place for Bhai Dooj 2019, there are several online portals from where you can get fresh flowers and yummy cakes delivered to her.

Desk and Magazine Organizer

In most cases, boys are less organized than girls and would not feel the feed of organizers. That way, they will never buy it for themselves. Gifting your brother, a desk, and a magazine organizer would make things so much simpler for him. Not only he will become more organized, but he will also realize the value of something that he felt he did not need. With the new year being a few months away, you can go the extra mile and gift a yearly planner with it.

Unisex wallet

Irrespective of whether you are gifting your brother or sister, this is one thing that will never fail to impress. A wallet is something every person reaches at multiple times of the day. Thus by gifting a wallet to your sibling, they will be reminded of you at multiple times of the day.

Now that you have some clue about the significance and origin of the festival, we are sure that you will enjoy it all the way more. Here’s wishing you a very Happy Bhai Dooj 2019.

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