Six Ayurvedic tips that are worth following to prevent dry and dull skin

ayurvedic tips for dry skin

Dry and dull skin remedies are there in Ayurveda since the ancient period. The Ayurvedic tips on reviving the dry and damaged skin and hair are worth following. If you are wondering about the authenticity and usefulness of these tips, you can go through this discussion. Winter is here. And you must be prepared for the best guidance for glowing skin this winter.

Why Ayurveda?

Ayurveda has been the most trusted method for curing diseases for ages. And dry skin is a common issue during the wintertime. Ayurvedic tips for dry skincare will never go in vain. The ayurvedic ingredients will protect and nourish your body. Ayurveda is a safe method for giving back life to lifeless skin. The healthiest skincare always comes with Ayurveda –

1. Butter is the natural body cream

Yes! You have heard it right. Butter is the trusted natural ayurvedic product that has been a unique moisturizing element. Skip body lotions or body oils after using butter. You can massage your driest skin areas with butter and keep it overnight. You can apply a thick layer of butter on your face also. And wash it off with besan paste in the morning. The skin will glow like a gleaming star!

2. Honey and jojoba oil mix as a pre-bath ritual

Jojoba oil has some irreplaceable benefits for dull skin treatment. And it is a tested product of Ayurveda for nourishing rough skin. Jojoba oil has some anti-aging properties to protect skin from free radicals. The dry skin revival procedure is too easy with a honey-jojoba face mask. Apply this mask every day on your clean skin. Put an equal amount of pure honey with raw jojoba oil in a container. Refrigerate it for further use. Cold-pressed jojoba oil is best for such a face mask for dry skin.

3. Coconut oil as a body lotion

Extra virgin cold-smoothened coconut oil is the key to supple skin. Ayurvedic products use coconut oil as a vital ingredient to make products for dry skin. So, you can massage coconut oil just after bathing on damp skin for extra nourishment. It works like magic for damaged skin cells. The rejuvenating power of coconut oil nourishes and protects skin cells from harsh weather. The cold weather causes a lot of damage to the skin. So, you must be ready with a bottle of coconut oil this winter!

4. Rose petal and coconut oil paste as lip balm

We all know the luxury beauty of rose petals. But do you know the pure effects of pink rose petals on the skin? The petals of the pink rose are known for imparting pink glow in dull skin. During the winter season, you tend to lose the hue and softness of the lips. So, rose petals can come as a savior to rejuvenate your lips’ health. Make a paste with coconut milk and rose petals. Massage it on lips and wash off after an hour. And you will notice an instant glow on your lips.

5. Saffron and milk cream as a face mask

The benefits of pure saffron are well-known for clearing and reviving skin. If you are still in search of an ayurvedic face mask, your search ends here! The vital ingredient of this mask is saffron. And you will add to it two tablespoons of full milk cream for making an excellent mask. Apply this mask at least twice a week in order to get rid of dull skin. The saffron will bring luminosity to unhealthy skin texture instantly. And you will also notice softness in your skin. Milk cream has moisturizing effects. So, most of the Ayurvedic tips for winter comes with saffron and milk cream.

6. The magic of curd and honey face wash

Finding a perfect dry skin face wash in winter days is like hitting the jackpot. And here you get the most authentic ayurvedic face wash guidance. All you need is some homemade curd and pure honey. Mix these two ingredients in equal parts to get the perfect skin cleanser. The curd has moisturizing properties for eliminating dry skin-related issues. It also has natural acid for a cleansing formula. Honey retains elasticity in the skin while protecting from cold weather at the same time.


Ayurvedic tips are always worth to know. Ayurveda always aims for gentle treatment for any abnormal health issues, including dermatological issues. Dry skin is a dermatological condition that can result in severe uneasiness on the skin. You can make winter a season of warmth and beauty with these six ayurvedic guidance for preventing dull skin. The glow in the skin will come from within after the regular use of such natural stuff. And you will love to see the healthy transformation of your skin.

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