Apple’s latest health app allows users to enroll in health studies

Enroll in Health Studies

A pioneer in the field of technological development, Apple has always stayed true to its motto of innovation. With the arrival of 2020, Apple Inc. has come up with a unique app that allows users to enroll in health studies. The app facilitates the collection of data based on the person’s movement, noise levels, and heart rate. This means that the device itself will be able to segregate the data based on different physical and environmental factors before sending it to the different research organizations. With such access to large volumes of authentic data, medical research institutes will be able to come up with better medicines and cures to ailments.

The primary concern that most people have with respect to getting themselves enrolled in Health Studies is data privacy. As market leaders known for their commitment to data protection, Apple Inc has ensured that a user will share only what he or she deems fit. Once a user downloads the app, he or she will be given the option to enroll in health studies. Based on their consent, the health-related data collected from their device will be used for medical research. This means that a person may choose to share his data for Apple Heart and Movement Study while deciding to keep away from Apple Hearing Study. Female users will also be given the option of enrolling for Apple’s Women’s Health Study.

The app works with both iPhone and Apple Watch, and the users can control what type of data they want to share with the study. Apple latest news confirms that the app can collect data centering around noise levels, heart rate, and stress rate. The user may choose to share his data while he is sleeping but choose not to share the details of his heartbeat during jogging. By analyzing such data against the conditions they were collected in, major medical breakthroughs may be expected. The app is designed to identify and collect data based on conditions such as sleeping, jogging, attending a concert, the air quality at that time, etc.

The data collected from such studies will be shared only with research organizations that are in partnership with Apple Inc. At the moment, this only includes big names such as National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Harvard T H and Chan School of Public Health. It is believed that this app is going to set a new benchmark of social utility among Apple upcoming apps. For decades researchers have complained that the lack of appropriate data is the primary cause of them being unable to find solid evidence to support certain lifestyle habits as the cause of diseases. With the app expected to garner public support, it will be fair for us to say that things are up for a change.

The fact that this move comes in the twilight of 2019 increases its chances of being a market success. At the moment, we see major tech giants digging deeper into getting health-related data of their users. Earlier in the month of November, Google make ripples in the world of fitness trackers by placing a $2.1 billion bid on the Fitbit Inc and declaring that it is now looking to introduce its range of wearable devices.

From a sociological perspective, the development of a dedicated app to allow users to enroll in health studies may be seen as a good gesture. Who knows how many ailments can be tackled if only the medical world had sufficient data about the same. For all we know, this app by Apple Inc may transform the future of medical science forever.

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