The three-team format of the 3TC Solidarity Cup 2020

3TC Solidarity Cup 2020

While cricket is taking tiny steps to return back to normalcy amidst the pandemic, there is a new format in the town. Recently, Cricket South Africa (CSA) hosted the 3TC Solidarity Cup 2020, where three teams played in the same game. For the first time, in cricket, three different teams were competing in the same match against each other. Although it was a charity match, but the game was hyped around the world, with spectators glued to their TV screen to see how the match would unfold. So, let’s look in detail about what happened.

Format for 3TC Solidarity Cup:

The three teams format is quite interesting and confusing, so pay close attention to understand it. All three teams are allowed to play with 8 players only. It is a 36 overs match with each team batting and bowling for 12 overs each. 

The match is split into 2 parts, 18 overs in the 1st half and the rest in the 2nd half. Also, the teams get to bowl and bat only 6 overs each in the 1st half. So, the game is equally divided in both half, just like a normal ODI or T20 match.

Solidarity Cup format might be getting hard to understand. So, let’s imagine three teams – A, B, and C. Now, the game begins with a draw where it is decided the order of batting for the three teams and their bowling counterpart. So, the batting order is A, B, and C. While the bowling order is C, A, and B. Hence, in the first half C bowls to A, A bowls to B and B bowls to C. Each session is six overs each,

Now, In the first half, if team C scored the highest run, they get to bat first in the second half. Then the team with the second-highest run and finally the third team. As team B bowled to team C in the first half, so now Team A will bowl to team C. This happens for the next two teams. In the end, the team with the most accumulated runs gets the gold medal, while the team with the second-highest aggregate runs gets silver, and the 3rd team gets bronze.

Rules for the 3 team Solidarity Cup:

There are a few rules in this three-sided match, which is different from a normal cricket match. These rules are:

  • Each team can play with only 8 players.
  • The field is divided into six zones, and each zone can have only one fielder aside from the keeper and the bowler.
  • After the fall of the 7th wicket, the last player can play alone, but he can only score in an even number of runs. Also, if the 7th wicket is fallen in the first half, the remaining balls in that session are suspended. And the last player resumes the last six overs in the second half.
  • Each bowling team gets one new ball that they have to use in their 12 over spell.
  • If the match is interrupted by rain, it can be shortened to 18,24, and 30 overs as possible with the same Solidarity Cup rules.

What happens in the 3TC Solidarity Cup 2020?

The teams in the match were kingfisher, eagles, and kites. The game was held on SuperSport Park, Centurion. ABD lead Eagles scored 160 in their twelve overs and took the gold. While Temba Bavuma’s Kites made 138 and won silver and Reeza Hendricks’ Kingfishers scored 113 and took home bronze. The Solidarity cup score looks bizarre for many viewers as medals aren’t awarded in cricket.

3TC Solidarity Cup 2020 did bring a new format to the game, and it has received mixed reactions. The players and viewers looked quite happy after the match. So, that’s a good start. However, if CSA wants to make it mainstream, they need to play it more often and not just as a charity match but in a league format to attract viewers. Well, no one can predict what might happen, but it was a thrilling and enjoyable match.



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